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Cosmetic Perfumery

Lemon Cold Pressed Oil

Lemon Cold Pressed Oil
  • Lemon Cold Pressed Oil
  • Lemon Cold Pressed Oil

Approx. Rs 3,500 / Kg

Lemon Cold Pressed essential oil offered has a refreshing scent and helps in stimulating the liver and through its gentle, calming effect.

Lemon is also recognized for its ability to promote clarity of mind and also in increasing one''s well-being. The cold pressed essential oil is produced from outer peel of lemon fruit with the extracted oil’s aroma considered one of lightest in aromatherapy.

Having a bright ''top note,'' the constituent of lemon include limonene that provides in it a tangy-fruity aroma. As Lemon oil''s aroma is warming and enhancing, it acts as an antidepressant and also have significant effect on one''s ability to concentrate.

Other than its uplifting and clarifying nature, the oil is also said to alleviate fears of losing and bringing trust and security in oneself.

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Lotus Oil

Lotus Oil

Approx. Rs 25,000 / Kg

Lotus plants are adapted to grow in the flood plains of slow-moving rivers and delta areas. Stands of lotus drop hundreds of thousands of seeds every year to the bottom of the pond. While some sprout immediately, and most are eaten by wildlife, the remaining seeds can remain dormant for an extensive period of time as the pond silts in and dries out. During flood conditions, sediments containing these seeds are broken open, and the dormant seeds rehydrate and begin a new lotus colony. Under favorable circumstances the seeds of this aquatic perennial may remain viable for many years.

Pomegranate Oil

Pomegranate Oil

Approx. Rs 3,000 / Kilogram

Pomogranate Oil is processed using CO2 extraction from Punica granatum seed. The oil is light and is quickly absorbed into skin, leaving behind faint aroma.

Some of the benefits the oil presents include in fighting both and breast cancer. The oil also has high level of anti-oxidants and works as anti-inflammatory agent, thus relieving muscular aches and pains and also helps in reducing swelling.

As the oil is high in antioxidants like polyphenol, it also fights free radicals and promotes skin regeneration.

The oil is also high in lipids including Pucinic Acid and is also used for nourishing and moisturizing skin, improving elasticity and also help in preventing aging. The oil also helps in cases of sunburn and ultraviolet damaged skin.

Further, the calming and healing properties of the oil also assists in the treatment of skin problems like dry, irritated sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis.

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