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Madhuca Indica Oil

Mahua Oil

Mahua Oil

Approx. Rs 145 / Kg

Madhuca Indica Oil (Mahua) is an Indian tropical tree that grows to around 20 meters and belongs to family Sapotaceae. The seed oil extracted is used as ointment in curing rheumatism as well as in preventing cracks in skin during winters. The oil is also used in culinary purposes and helps in keeping the body glossy and warm. It also has insecticide properties and can be used in shikaki for hair-wash. Further, it is also used for treatment of enlargement of auxiliary grand, in neurotic disorders and as an aphrodisiac to cure cough and bronchitis.

It is also used to relieve pain in muscle and joints as well as improving texture of skin. With the oil having has laxative properties, it also helps in curing piles by relieving chronic constipation as well as is effective in treatment of Eczema, Rheumatism, Diabetes, Problem of Breast Milk Secretion, Bleeding Gums, Tonsillitis, Skin Disorders. It's also used in making alcohol, vinegar, syrups and jams besides in manufacturing of soaps.

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Olibanum Oil (Frankincense)

Olibanum Oil (Frankincense)

Approx. Rs 2,500 / Kg

Having botanical name Boswellia Serrat, Olibanum Oleo (Frankincense) has its origin from India and is pale-yellow or pale-amber in color with strong, fresh balsamic scent. Being soluble in alcohol and insoluble in water, it has refractive index of 1.46600 - 1.47700 at 20.00 °C. The oil is distilled using steam distillation process using gum-resin from small trees and thorny bushes of Burseracean family. 

As one of oldest aromatic material used, it is also known by common names of Olibanum oil or Frankincense essential oil and has chemical constituents like alpha-copaene, alpha-humulene, beta-caryophyllene and caryophyllene oxide. Some of the uses of the oil include in revamping lost energy, curing respiratory disorders, in combating anxiety, stress, cough, asthma, bronchitis, scars and stretch marks.
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